Our History

In November 2014, a Leave a Legacy Iowa meeting was held at Sunrise Retirement Community and, for a small group of non-profit leaders, it lit a fire. Inspired by the message of the potential of planned giving to transform communities, Leave a Message Siouxland was born. The Founding Partners embarked on a mission to inform and inspire donors to explore the possibilities of including a gift to charity in their estate plans.

85% of Americans give to charity yearly, yet only 6% of estates indicate a planned gift to charity.

The top reasons why a donor does not leave a gift are:

  • Nobody asked.
  • Their professional advisor did not mention it.
  • The donor did not think of it.

Even Small Gifts Have BIG Impact!

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Leave A Message Siouxland

We want to show Siouxland how much impact a planned gift can have on the community, inspire each resident to leave more than money to the next generation, and imagine how they can
                "Leave a Message!"