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Leave A Message Siouxland

Here's an example of what our Partner Non Profit Organizations say about Leave A Message Siouxland:

"We’re very excited because charitable bequests seemed way too big for us to tackle alone. We’re glad to have a support line for planned giving and hope, as we send people to Leave A Message Siouxland, we can be mutually beneficial to other nonprofits in Siouxland!"

              - Katie Roberts, Executive Director

​                Siouxland Habitat for Humanity

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  • Your organization will be included on website with a link to your giving or impact page.

  • You will be recognized as a community partner in this effort.

  • You will receive periodic updates from the Leave a Message Siouxland Founding Partners.

  • Access to the Leave a Message Siouxland logo and brochure (customizable for your organization).